The Master, the Kitten and the Cake

5-human-foods-cats-can-eat0The Zen Master was baking a cake in his high-technical kitchen when a small cat wandered in through the half-open door.

“What a cute kitten,” the Zen Master thought to himself, “If I give it a piece of fish, it will stay in my kitchen and I can enjoy its company. However, I have no fish to offer. Therefore, I would need to procure some fish and in order to do that, I would have to abandon the kitten, putting my half-made cake in danger. I could take the kitten with me, but it is very difficult to fish in the presence of a kitten, as they are excitable and tend to frighten away fish and other small animals. I could offer it some milk, but I only have enough left to finish my cake. If I left the house to buy some milk from the local milk-seller, I’m back in the same place I was before. And before. And before. And before. And before. And – “

The Zen Master continued to say “And before” all night and well into the next day. When he finally snapped out of his self-induced trance, he had soiled his pants and the kitten was gone.  Also, the kitten had eaten a good portion of the cake batter and knocked over some of the Zen Master’s plants. Also, the kitten was just a small cat, not a kitten. Also, there may have never been a cat as no one except the Zen Master was there and he was a notorious liar and he only told the story after someone asked him if he knew he’d soiled his pants. Also, he may not have been a real Zen Master. Also, where did he keep getting all of his money; he had, like three cars.

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