Halloween(?) Interlude – Good Brown Soup

Lyrics discovered in an old adventure journal located at at camp site in the Andes, circa 1925. Note: although the bodies at the site were dismembered and the heads had been arranged in a pyramid, no evidence of foul play was uncovered. Authorities chalked the whole incident (including the sightings of a skyscraper-sized monstrocity rending the sun with its mighty claws and mass hallucinations of the agonies of Christ) up to coincidence and weather patterns.




Grandpa don’t you make that

Good Brown Soup

Grandpa don’t you make that


It boils and bubbles

It gives us troubles


Grandpa don’t you make that

Good Brown Soup


Grandma why’d you let him

Make that soup

Oh, how low will Grandpa


The soup is a troublin’

But my tummy’s a rumblin’


Grandma why’d you let him

Make that soup


Rover why’d you have to

Poop Poop Poop

Now I gotta get my


Cause the water’s a boilin’

And my stomach’s a roilin’


Rover why’d I have to

Eat that poop?


Everybody have some

Good Brown Soup

We made it out of old dog


It sounds real disgustin’

But, if you feel trustin’


Taste a bit of Grandpa’s

Good Brown Soup

Why are there always carrots?

Everyone involved in the publication of this material is humiliated to be associated with something this stupid.

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