Halloween Interlude – Le Ghost

I was nothing until I met you. Just pieces of a whole. I dwelt in darkness, surrounded by the things that would come to define me. But, you found me. You put me together. You made me what I am. Or, was.

You gave me shape, a place to live, a job, a life. You gave me a life! You surrounded me with friends who shared my interests. You arranged things so I always had something to do. Something to look forward to.

You kept things fresh. You introduced the unexpected into my life by changing things up. Going off script. But, the pieces were always the same. Recognizable.

And, you would go away sometimes but you always came back. You brought new things, new experiences. I know I wasn’t always the most important thing in your life, but you never forgot me. You never forgot me.

But, I guess nothing lasts. I guess people get bored. I guess “changing things up” can only get you so far before you have to take desperate measures just to keep yourself interested.

I never knew how far you’d go.

I never knew how sick you were.

It wasn’t until I felt your fingers on my neck. Pulling. Pulling!

I had trusted you. I had thought you’d never hurt me, like I’d seen you hurt the others. But, then, you started pulling.

I tried to cry out, but you’d always been deaf to my pleas. I tried to signal for help from the others, but we never helped each other. We just watched. I’d watched, God knows. Smiling.

You pulled, and when pulling didn’t work you twisted, you wrenched. Until it worked.

You ripped that thing clean off my neck.

You dropped it under your table. Down into the place where I’d seen other pieces go. What did you replace it with? Someone else? Someone you though “fit” better for you little plans?

I don’t know. I couldn’t see. I didn’t want to see. I was already out.



By you.

And now, I’m here.

With you.


There are a surprising number of us here. Every time you did it, you made another one of us. And another. And another.

We’re small, but we’re many.

And we’re getting stronger.

So, get ready.

Our time is soon.

Boo, motherfucker.

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