Halloween Interlude – Alice At Home

At 8:00 p.m., Alice hadn’t heard from her parents. She sat by the big picture window in the front room waiting for their car to pull up, but they persisted in their absence.

At 8:15, she got up and walked around. Alice thought about using the bathroom, but she had butterflies. Alice got up and walked around.

At 8:30, she called her mom’s cell phone. No one picked up. Alice got worried.

At 8:45, Alice called her neighbor, Mrs. Klein and told her she was afraid something had happened to her parents. Mrs. Klein told her not to worry and to call her if they hadn’t shown up by 9.

At 9:00, Alice called Mrs. Klein but no one answered. She tried calling several friends, but got no response.

At 9:15, Alice dialed 911 as she had been taught to do in the case of an emergency. They said they would send a police officer around to check on her.

At 9:30, Alice heard a sound from the basement. It was the cat; he had been shut up inside.

At 9:45, Alice wondered where the police officer was. She dialed 911 again but no one answered.

At 10:00, Alice decided to go next door to ask Mrs. Klein if she could wait with her. No one answered the door.

At 10:15, Alice waited on her front steps. No cars passed in the street.

At 10:30, Alice heard her cat meow from behind the front door. when she opened it, the cat was not there.

At 10:45, Alice dozed off. She woke up to someone touching her face. When she opened her eyes, no one was there.

At 11:00, Alice sat crying in the den. She turned on the television and all of the channels were blank.

At 11:15, Alice heard another sound from the basement. She listened at the basement door and stopped just short of turning the knob.

At 11:30 Alice sent a text to all of her friends asking if someone could please come over and sit with her. The message bounced back.

At 11:45, Alice heard another noise from the basement. She called out to the sound. The sound called back.

At 12:00, Alice went down into the basement.

At 6:00 a.m. Alice returned from the basement. Mrs. Klein returned from her basement. Alice’s friends returned from their basements. They were fine. They didn’t have anything to worry about anymore.

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One thought on “Halloween Interlude – Alice At Home

  1. Oh. I must like using the name Alice.

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