Another Interlude – The Haunted Interlude

A play had reached its interlude (which is what they call an intermission in Godless Europe) when a lighting fixture plummeted from above the stage and smashed the lead actor to the ground. Down to the ground. He was out for the count. Dead. He was dead.

The audience rose as a whole and screamed, “Refund! We want our refund!”

The manager of the theater was terrified. How had they all known to scream those exact words at that exact moment?

He called a professional.

The guy came and looked around. He said, “I’m no expert (he was he’s LYING!) but I would say this audience was haunted by ghosts.”

So many ghosts were in the audience members that people were fat with them. Bloated. Bloated with ghosts.

When the play started back up, they just acted around the dead actor.

THE MORAL: Bloated with ghosts.

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