The Scariest Thing

A Zen master was sitting by a pond when a student approached and sat down next to him.

“Master,” the student said, “a few of the guys and I were wondering, does anything scare you? And, if so, what do you consider the scariest thing?”

The Master, who was used to being asked about the profundities of life, was a little thrown by such a personal question. He looked out over the pond.

“Do you see the long-winged flies hovering over the water?” the Master asked the student.

“Yes, Master.”

“The long-winged fly eats the smaller flies that sip the drops from the vegetation. This has been happening for many years and yet the smaller flies continue to sip the drops for they know not fear.”

“I see, Master.”

“The long-winged flies are themselves eaten by the hungry fish who leap from the water. This has been happening for many years and yet the long-winged flies continue to eat the smaller flies for they know not fear.”

“I see, Master.”

“Do you?”

“Yes, Master. You are saying that the world is as it should be and we should not carry fear with us for it would keep us from living our lives and seeking the sustenance we need. I feel closer to enlightenment, Master.”

And the student wandered off.

The Zen master was disturbed that the student had so misinterpreted his words and he sat there trembling in fear of the giant flies that he was sure were lurking just beyond his range of vision. The giant flies that were, in fact, THE SCARIEST THING!

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