Rocks in the path

The zen master was meditating on a rock in the middle of a beautiful garden when he was approached by a young student.

“Master,” the student said, “This garden is very beautiful and yet the path to the center is covered in many small rocks that hurt the feet. Should we not clear the rocks, to make the path more comfortable?”

The master looked about the garden and turned to the student.

“There are many comfortable paths in this garden, but the one that hurts the feet is always the one to the center.”

The student thought about this.

“Right,” he said, “But, if we clear the rocks then our feet wouldn’t get hurt.”

“Are you going to clear the rocks?”

“Maybe I will.”

“Good. Clear the rocks if it makes you comfortable.”

“I will.


The student left and returned with a basket that he filled with the rocks.

“Now, master, the path is clear.”

The master looked at the basket.

“And, what do you propose to do with all those rocks?”

The student pondered the question.

“I don’t know,” he said, “Dump them on another pa – ohhhhhhh!”



And the student was enlightened.

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